Demo RFQ 123

The Kalamazoo County Land Bank’s request for quotes to demolish 425 Oak can be found here: RFQ 123

Bids due September 11, 2013

Please see the following questions and answers regarding the demolition RFQ for 425 Oak Street:

Do we send in a bid with out the asbestos price or are you going to set back the bid opening date?

The bid amount should be for the demo cost only.  The demo contractor selected will be responsible for obtaining three asbestos abatement quotes.  The Land Bank will pay for the least expensive abatement.

Also I would like to enter the building to see what if any thing has changed since I was in there about a year ago. Is this possible?

There is no access to the building during the quote process.

Is there a basement?


How big and deep?


Do we remove the concrete or break it up and leave it in the hole?

Concrete should be removed and the hole filled with clean fill per specs.

Is the building still full of junk and old food packages? ( I was in there around a year ago, it was really bad then) but I don’t remember if there was a basement.

Several dumpsters of debris were removed this Summer.  The amount of debris remaining inside is unknown

Is the main floor wood or concrete? (I think the addition to the south was a  concrete floor)

The main floor is wood. The addition is Concrete

Will the low bidder have access to the building to get asbestos bids?


Who will have to pay for asbestos tests?

The Land Bank has ordered and will provide an asbestos survey at a later date.

I think I read that it was to be done in 30 days does that take into account the time it takes to get an asbestos bid together, and the 10 day notice to the state?

The Thirty Day deadline would begin as soon as a notice to proceed is issued.  Before such notice is issued, asbestos quotes should be received.  The project should be completed as soon as practically possible after that time.